Wildlife and research

  • Our research camps on the southern beaches are now open!  Managed by UNGE professors and staffed with both Equatoguinean and American research assistants, the camps on Moraka and Moaba Playas have resumed data collection for the BBPP's marine turtle monitoring project, primate and mammal surveys, and various other biodiversity initiatives.
  • Primate gut microbiome data is currently being collected and analyzed!
  • With the assistance of two students from UNGE, Dr. Bocuma was able to administer a large number of questionnaires, in both rural and urban locations, before BBPP's latest public service announcement was show on local TV; now that the content of the PSA isknown by the public, Dr. Bocuma and his team have started administering a new set of questionnaires to assess the level of awareness of the public regarding topics addressed in the video.  Although many questionnaires have already been administered, the data collection is ongoing!

Current Projects

All photos seen above are credited to National Geographic Photographers Tim Laman, Ian Nichols, Joel Sartore, and Christian Ziegler as well as numerous members of BBPP (staff, students, and volunteers).